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Mazzei Minute 4/10/21

The Biden $2.25 trillion “Infrastructure” plan with the so-called moniker, “The American Jobs Plan” is a massive new big government liberal spending plan which has costs that far exceed the benefits. Famed free-market economist Milton Freedman would have a heart attack analyzing the bill.

The estimate by liberal-bent Moody’s Analytics indicates 2.7 million jobs created. That’s a cost of $833,333.00 per job! What a foolish way to handle taxpayer money! These jobs should be weighed against the 1 million jobs that the National Association of Manufacturers says will be lost if the proposed corporate income tax hike goes through.

Your head will spin even more when you learn about the non-infrastructure plans for the money. Only $115 billion is slated for roads, highways, bridges and other traditional public works. $42 billion is slated for airports, ports and waterways. The rest is a mishmash of crazy spending ideas:

  • $10 billion to create a “Civilian Climate Corporation” to “bolster community resilience and environmental justice”

  • $20 billion to “advance racial equality and environmental justice”

  • $175 billion in subsidies for electric vehicles, which are apparently not technologically attractive enough on their own.

  • $213 billion for “sustainable” houses and buildings

There’s even more, but my head is about to explode…


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