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Mazzei Minute: 10/31/20

After 30 years of building a business and working in politics, I think i'll try my hand at some commentary, so here goes the first Mazzei Minute!

The presidential election looms large - and there is plenty to dislike about the behavior of both candidates, so lets just focus on jobs and the economy. Stephen Moore, the erudite economics columnist for the Washington Examiner, documents that during the Obama/Biden era 192,000 manufacturing and 280,000 construction jobs were created over 8 years. Trump's tax cuts, deregulation efforts, and energy policies before the pandemic helped create 475,000 manufacturing and 740,000 construction jobs. Thats 749,000 more jobs than Obama/Biden with 5 less years to work with! Concerned about your job, or jobs for your loved ones? Vote Trump.


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