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Mazzei Minute: 10/28/22

As the founder and president of a 26-year-old Tulsa financial planning company with 23 amazing teammates, imagine if I sat my team down and told them I am approving a large one-time expense of $500,000 in December for a statewide growth initiative.

However, in January, we won’t repeat that expenditure, allowing me to then announce we are reducing expenses from the previous year by the largest amount in our company’s history. I will then brag that we are proving a commitment to reduce expenses so we can keep our costs low for clients.

If I did this, my teammates would think I had lost it! And many observers think President Joe Biden has done just this with his latest attempt to spin his out-of-control spending.

Biden recently took credit for a budget deficit reduction of $1.4 trillion dollars and proclaimed the “largest one-year drop in American history.” Taking us all for fools, I guess, he left out the part where in the previous year he unleashed massive one-time spending of over $2 trillion dollars for Covid response, approved extra welfare payments, and bankrolled green energy.

Doubling down on the misdirection as he wreaks havoc on our economy, Biden laughably stated, “Today we have further proof that we’re rebuilding the economy in a responsible way.”

You have to wonder if he has deteriorated so badly that he actually believes the nonsense he spouts, or if he’s just reading whatever has been written for him by his far-left handlers. Either way, it’s sad for him and sad for the country.


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