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Mazzei Minute: 08/06/21

Hypocrisy and foolishness spill over from far too many career politicians.

Without much of a core political value base, the Biden White House has been clearly swept away by far-left progressive politics. The current energy policy reeks of idiotic ideas and significant policy contradictions.

Biden claims to represent the interest of lower-class workers, but he is now complicit in huge energy tax hikes by curtailing oil drilling here in the United States. Oil prices have leapt to $70 per barrel, and the average gasoline price is now $3.29. Oklahoma’s own Harold Hamm of Continental predicts prices may surge to more than $100.

Much to the glee of middle east oil sheikhs and terrorists who benefit from their money, the United States is walking away from its energy independence. Meanwhile, Biden has approved the pipeline for energy from Russia to Germany while killing pipelines and jobs here in his own country.

Economists Steven Moore writes in the Washington Examiner that, to the detriment of middle-income earners, the other big beneficiaries include major oil companies, such as Exxon and Chevron. He summarizes that the “Biden energy plan is bad for jobs, bad for consumers, and bad for the environment”.

Needless to say, the hypocritical Biden Administration is bad for Oklahoma.


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