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Mazzei Minute: 07/02/21

The State Legislature recently reduced the personal income tax rate from 5% to 4.75%, but don’t you think it is high time for Oklahoma to be a no-Income Tax State?

Our income per household in Oklahoma is only $52,900. The national average is $62,800. I simply do not believe we are 20% worse than the rest of the country.

The problem is not the hard-working people of Oklahoma. The problem is big government and our tax code. The Tax Foundation says our tax code ranks a woeful 30th in the country for job creation.

No-Income tax states like Florida, Texas and Tennessee have better job growth and much better population growth than we do. West Virginia has even seen the light, and Republican Governor Jim Justice has put forward an impressive proposal to eliminate the tax and still keep the state budget in balance.

Just imagine the explosive growth that could drive Oklahoma forward if we eliminate the personal income tax. Fed up with Big Government and Big Tech trying to control their lives, news and thoughts, people will come to the Sooner State in droves. Here they will find a land rich in natural resources and full of people who still believe in liberty, hard work and the power of the Oklahoma Standard.


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