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Mazzei Minute: 06/25/21

I usually stick to finance issues, but the power grab in the U.S. Capitol

this week has me pondering the fate of American Democracy. If one

party finds a way to rig all of the elections in the future to enshrine their

majority, then democracy and the great liberating engine of capitalism

will die.

The Democrats in Congress put up for a vote legislation to take over the

election process in all 50 states. They filled the bill with crazy ideas

that most Americans, and even many Democrats, think are nonsense,

with the goal to permanently control the levers of national


The bill would allow widespread mail-in voting. It would let convicted

felons vote after they are released from prison, and even though 80%

of Americans support voter-ID laws, the legislation would wipe out

common sense ID requirements adopted in many states like Oklahoma.

If voter integrity is at risk; if voter fraud is facilitated; if one party

controls the outcome of future elections, then tyranny will overwhelm

our economic system and prosperity will diminish rapidly.

Thanks to the filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate, the legislation has died

for now. Pray that the filibuster lives on!


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