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Mazzei Minute: 03/12/21

I need some frustration management! Is there a class for that? I can’t stand watching career politicians waste the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people, especially when we’re wasting money yet to come in the door because of out-of-control borrowing.

The U.S. House just passed HR 1319, or what I like to call “the Biden-Pelosi-Shumer throw-money-at-everything-that-moves” package. A $1.9 TRILLION price tag of borrowed money is crazy when unemployment is already down to 6.2% and states are opening back up thanks to the Trump inspired Warp Speed COVID-19 vaccination roll-out.

The laundry list of what the Wall Street Journal calls “The COVID Welfare State” is too long for this article. For those that need the safety net right now, I’m grateful. But unrelated to COVID in the package is the increased eligibility for subsidized health insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges. It’s the creeping in of socialized medicine. Just consider this: a family of four making $100,000 per year will now qualify. This week the Congressional Budget Office reported that Medicaid Health Insurance could run out of money in 2026 and overcommitting new spending is insanity!

Worse yet, New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer snuck in a provision that explicitly bars individual states from cutting taxes if they receive a portion of the $350 billion giveaway to state and local governments. They are going to bail out the economic messes in New York, California, and Illinois while dictating acceptable and unacceptable uses of the money for the rest of the country.

We just wrapped up the $1.2 billion of federal relief money for Oklahoma, so I hope Oklahoma leaders have the resolve to say we don’t need any of the next batch. In Conservative Oklahoma we’re ready to take a stand against the financial insanity.


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