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Mazzei Minute: 01/22/21

“Practical politics consists in ignoring facts.” - Henry Brooks Adams, American Historian & Author

President Joe Biden made some pleasant comments yesterday during his inauguration about unity and civility in politics. We all certainly need to remember the importance of tolerance and treating each other with respect as we argue the great issues of the day.

Unfortunately, Biden has begun his work with several practical actions that will please his left-wing Liberal supporters, but hurt Americans because Biden is “ignoring facts.” For example, by revoking the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline he has stranded billions of dollars in Canadian investment and killed thousands of U.S. Jobs. TC Energy has already announced discontinuation of the project and announced layoffs yesterday. 10,000 construction workers now have to look for new work in the middle of the pandemic.

By worshipping at the altar of climate change, Biden ignores the analysis done by the Obama State Department, which indicated that transporting the Canadian crude via pipeline reduces greenhouse gas omissions by 28% to 48% as compared with using rail or tankers for transport. Unfortunately, more job destruction is probably ahead because “practical politics” will likely prevail in a Biden Administration.


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