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Mazzei Minute: 01/21/22

I’m tired of hearing liberal-socialist Democrats, with the help of Big Media, lie about Conservative Republicans’ common-sense standards to protect the integrity of our elections.

On Martin Luther King Day, President Joe Biden accused Georgia Republicans of creating Jim Crowe 2.0 “election subversion.” Meanwhile Democrats are trying to launch a federal takeover of election laws in all 50 states.

Every article or media report I see about the Democrats’ most recent attempt at government overreach amplifies the wild and inaccurate claim that many states are engaging in “voter suppression.”

It looks like even Alabama football coach Nick Saban, who signed on to a recent letter to support the socialist power grab of state elections, has been fooled.

Take the new Georgia election integrity reforms for example. In 2020, under emergency rules, absentee ballots were mailed out to all registered voters in Georgia and ballots were returned or deposited in drop boxes without voter identification, leading to mass confusion.

Georgia officials wisely decided to pass a law in 2021 requiring registered voters request an absentee ballot versus having one sent automatically to them.

This isn’t new. In fact, the liberal state of New York requires this very same thing. The ironic kicker? While Georgia now allows anyone to vote by absentee ballot, New York still limits those who qualify for this form of voting.

Despite this, I doubt we will hear Biden or other Democrat leaders complaining that New York engages in “voter suppression.”

These tactics of propaganda and indoctrination are a clear and present danger to our voting system. The endgame is to ensure Democratic party control for decades to come.

It’s clear that the current fight over the U.S. Senate filibuster is less about the senate tradition of protecting the minority and more about bringing all Americans to the heel of the socialist-Marxist agenda.

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