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Mazzei Minute: 12/31/21

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris lacks common sense and sound judgement. When responding to a question, she recently stated that the two biggest national security threats facing the country are the “integrity of democracy and climate change.”

Shake your head, sigh with incredulity or just plain scream your frustration that this idiocy of thinking resides in the mind of the person just a heartbeat from the presidency.

The so called “integrity of democracy” is actually code for the socialist line of thinking that elections cannot be trusted unless we allow widespread mail in balloting, ballot harvesting and showing up at the polls without valid identification. Does anyone with a shred of common sense believe that what happened in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona during the 2020 election warrants confidence in election “integrity?”

Harris also apparently believes that strange weather patterns, which may or may not be influenced by man’s behavior, are more significant than the existential threats we face from the war like ambitions of Russia, China and Iran.

Russia has amassed thousands of troops on its border with Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin is attempting to extract geopolitical and economic concessions from the U.S and our European allies. China displays its military might daily to test the resolve of the free world to defend Taiwan; and the mullahs of Iran are still racing to develop a nuclear bomb.

The weak leadership we see in VP Harris is a symptom of the larger issue of the incredibly bad decisions that Joe Biden makes repeatedly. As we move into the new year, let’s all resolve to do what we can in the 2022 elections to place a major league Republican check on the Biden-Harris administration of incompetence.


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