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Mazzei Minute: 08/27/21

Incompetence at the very top. Americans in every city and town are asking, “How did they get it so wrong in Afghanistan? Who in their right mind would pull out troops before you pull out all the civilians?

Well, when you hire leadership roles purely for political agendas and to appease special interest groups, and you put this above talent and merit, you get incompetence. The pictures of senior officials standing behind President Biden during his recent statements to the American people were meant to be reassuring. It’s not. Especially when the leaders are just as guilty in the historic failure.

As a small business owner, who you surround yourself with determines the fate of your organization. We all want good results, but only a unified team of highly capable professionals can produce excellence and great value for others.

Biden, a lifetime politician, doesn’t understand this. He’s never really signed the front of a private-sector paycheck. Now it appears he is just doing what he’s told by liberal minded sycophants.

It’s so sad for the Americans and allies who are left vulnerable and exposed in Afghanistan now that Biden has acquiesced to the Taliban’s demand that the U.S. stick to the planned troop withdrawal date of August 31st. Millions of lives are about to be ruined, but the Taliban gets a reward of our $800 million embassy and armaments beyond their wildest dreams.


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