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Mazzei Minute: 08/25/23

The Presidential Primary season has begun with the first Republican debate held in Milwaukee. Donald Trump, with a huge lead, didn’t participate.

I’m most interested in what the candidates have to say about the economy. I’d like to hear a Reaganesque message about growth, prosperity, and hope for American families to get back on track.

Higher gasoline prices, school supplies, car prices, and rent have made life tough on millions of hard working Americans.

Which candidate will emphasize drilling to reclaim our energy independence and reduce gasoline prices? Which candidate will tackle the massive Biden regulatory onslaught of new rules suffocating American businesses? Who will be brave enough to describe how to slow spending, reduce debt, and fight for low taxes?

These are the tried and true strategies that will push wages past the rate of inflation like a supercharged race car vaults past its slowing adversary. These policies will also keep the American dollar supreme over the global economy.

As for global competition, I want to hear who has the strength of will to take on China and their unfair trade practices and thievery of U.S. intellectual property. Our next president must support free trade but hammer down with tariffs against China when they refuse to pursue even-handed reciprocity. We can no longer afford the totalitarian state of Communist China to make billions off U.S. consumers and steal good paying jobs from American workers.

America desperately needs a competent and optimistic president who lifts people’s hopes and dreams. I hope there is less in-fighting this presidential season and more substance-based ideas on how to make America great again.


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