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Mazzei Minute: 08/20/21

I just hate wasting money, don’t you? It really gets under my skin. None of us can help it sometimes, but the federal government has made an ongoing practice of it.

And now we have to stomach the waste of American taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan while the Biden Administration completely wrecks the responsible withdrawal process that President Trump established.

I heard former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speak this week in Tulsa quite eloquently about his work to bring our soldiers home from a country that, at its core, doesn’t believe in liberty or freedom. He had a very well laid out plan for the Biden team to adopt, which would safely get Americans and our equipment out of Afghanistan with the threat of force— keeping the Taliban in their place.

It’s sad to see a people driven by Islamic extremism reject democracy, but it’s even sadder to see a President of the United States leave Americans in the lurch and hand over billions of dollars of equipment to evil barbarians who will prey on the rights of others.

Like most Americans, I applaud the brave work of our military men and women who responsibly used tax payer dollars to keep America safe from terrorists who wanted to operate out of Afghanistan. And also like most Americans, I’m appalled at President Biden’s recklessness with our resources and taxpayer dollars.


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