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Mazzei Minute: 06/21/24

We believe that financial security equals national security, but now that the interest payments on the national debt are more than the annual amount designated for the defense of our nation, the country is becoming less secure.

The United States will borrow a shocking $2 trillion just to pay this year’s expenses, according to the latest report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The pandemic is over. Our nation is not at war. The economy is growing, but we are spending a completely unsustainable amount of money.

With our total debt now at 122% of the total size of our economic output, our percentage of revenue to pay interest on the debt will get larger and the percentage of revenue we dedicate to national security will decrease.

The radical left controlling the White House lives in a fantasy world that seems to pretend that we do not have dangerous adversaries in the world.  Russia and China have aligned for the first time in world history to blunt the interests of the United States and take advantage of weakness whenever they see the opportunity.

Putin works with the North Korean despot to help recharge his war machine, and China provides plenty of cash for Iran to sell oil and avoid U.S. sanctions. Meanwhile, our best friend in the Middle East – Israel – has to literally fight for its existence and put up with regular scoldings from Joe Biden. 

Our ship of state is tackling rough and treacherous seas right now.  Somewhere out there is a huge iceberg of more debt that damages the ship irrevocably. Our current Captain Biden is too old and frail to navigate us safely to port. I pray we don’t sink before we get a new captain.


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