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Mazzei Minute: 05/03/24

Protestors at college campuses across the country are demanding that universities cease their investments in companies doing business in Israel, alongside their crazy chants of antisemitism and support for the butchers of Hamas.

The Wall Street Journal Reporter, Erin Ailworth, reported that many Jewish students have said they feel unsafe amid the rising antisemitism at countless U.S. colleges. Many college leaders have seemed ill prepared to understand the difference between peaceful free speech and maintaining public safety on campus where there is no proper place for encampments of disorder.

In Brunswick, Maine, students have pressed for the university to disclose its investment portfolio’s exposure to arms manufacturing and demand that Bowdoin College commit to not investing in “defense-focused funds” and certain companies whose weapons have been used in the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

Brown and Northwestern universities reached agreements with protesters to clear their encampments in exchange for letting protesters discuss divestment with university leaders. 

Today’s students are certainly equipped with the knowledge of the markets and investments, but sadly for many of them, their underlying worldview has been shaped by a new form of socialism identified as American Marxism, which replaces achievement with identity and puts secular humanism’s religion of self over and above the eternal Judeo-Christian values of truth, justice, and goodness to others.  

The underlying Marxist principle of revolution and deconstruction of moral authority then steers those under its sway to rally for any group deemed the ‘‘oppressed,” no matter their moral failures or crimes.

Sadly, this destructive ideology has permeated the University of Oklahoma. The Student Socialist League led a protest on May 1st on campus and also called for similar investment divestitures. Fortunately, the protest was peaceful, but why are students in the middle of the heartland being swayed to socialism at the expense of taxpayers?


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