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Mazzei Minute: 04/19/24

Joe Biden just paid Iran, the diabolical enemy of Israel, $10 billion. The notion of Israel’s greatest ally, the United States, releasing $10 billion of money to their greatest enemy seems absurd.

Such is the stupidity of the Biden Administration smack dab in the middle of Israel’s war with Hamas, which has been funded by Iran for decades. Isn’t aiding and abetting the enemy of your friend a betrayal of the highest order?

Well, the appeasement crowd in the White House have lost their proverbial marbles. Iran just launched hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel, yet a Biden spokesperson claimed that sanctions against Iran were already in place and the U.S. was being tough against a nation that wants the complete demise of Israel.  

Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury just released its hold on energy market cash flow from Iranian oil production as part of the Biden strategy to make nice with the mullahs over talks about their pursuit of a nuclear bomb. What kind of glass house with fantasy pictures of rainbows and unicorns do these idiotic White House personnel live in? $10 billion dollars will buy a ton more missiles and drones.

Nobody wants to see escalation in the Middle East. Such uncertainty will negatively affect energy prices, the economy, the markets, and our investments. A high quality, well-diversified strategy should hold up just fine, but please make sure you talk to your advisor about strategies to hedge against fluctuations.

In the meantime, Israel will have to defend itself and continue to prosecute the war against the evil and barbaric leaders of Hamas who indiscriminately tortured and murdered hundreds of Israeli citizens and still hold captive numerous hostages.

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and we sincerely hope Congress steps in to make sure the White House doesn’t falter in its support for Israel.


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