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Mazzei Minute 03/19/21

The Customs and Border Patrol reports 100,000 illegal immigrants poured through our southern border in February. At this rate, more than 1 million illegals will invade America in 2021 thanks to President Biden’s open arms and open doors border policy. By stopping the construction of Trump’s Wall and releasing illegal aliens after they are detained, Biden has instigated the worst border crisis in American history.

The additional financial burden on the federal government and state governments caused by this mass influx of illegal immigrants will cost billions! Biden and liberal Democrats are already pushing the bounds of known economic theory as they increase U.S. debt well past 100% of the total value of the U.S. economy. Now, they want to give free health care, free education and additional welfare to millions of low-income illegal immigrants who will be dependent on government services, often provided for by the states.

It costs on average $9,000/year to educate a child. Hospitals required to provide care to anyone already lose $30 billion/year on care for the uninsured. Taxpayers generously spend $20,000 per child each year for combined foster family expenses and health care (13,000 of last month’s illegal immigrants were unaccompanied minors). That’s not to mention the extra burden an increased population adds on public safety, roads, and transit.

We can’t even afford to take care of our own at this point, as the Federal Government just borrowed over $1 trillion for regular expenses, and the states struggle to pay teachers enough and fix our roads. So, how are we supposed to pay for the millions of migrants Biden is urging to “Come to America?”

Well, we can’t. George Washington must be looking down from heaven in shock. He believed we were protected from invasion because of land mass, oceans, and river borders. We’re not even fighting to protect our country. We’re just letting invaders in the front door, the back door, and the side door.


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