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Mazzei Minute: 01/13/23

Democracy can be a little messy sometimes, but it sure beats the alternative!

The recent turbulence in the U.S. House of Representatives to select Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker had some people shaking their heads, but I consider the process a testament to the strength of our Constitution.

In other backward countries, dictators change the rules to fit their needs; Ayatollahs use religion to crush dissent and communist tyrants execute the opposition.

So, it took a few days to elect a Speaker of the House – no big deal. Sure, there was some name-calling and shouting, but there was no fraud and there was no violence against those who did not vote for Kevin McCarthy.

I’m especially pleased with new Republican Congress members, like Oklahoma’s own Josh Brecheen, who withstood political and media pressure and demanded rule changes that will help prevent the onslaught of unnecessary government spending and greater levels of debt.

Congressman Brecheen personally shared with me the importance of being allowed to offer amendments from the floor on appropriation bills. Another new rule requires 72 hours to be spent discussing a major spending bill before a roll call vote. And if a giant omnibus spending bill is the only way to fund the government, it must include a spending cut!

The media wants you to think Speaker McCarthy was weakened by the process of 14 “no” votes from his own party. The truth is he has now been empowered to fight the massive out-of-control spending that will eventually bankrupt us unless we make major changes.


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