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Mazzei Minute: 01/07/22

The Majority Leader of the United States Senate Chuck Schumer wants the federal government to take over election laws in all 50 states. The same federal government that can’t get enough COVID rapid tests and can’t keep inflation under control can hardly handle election procedures across the entire country.

The truth is that Schumer sees a window of opportunity to entrench Democrats in power for decades. He knows full well a flood of more votes for his party will result from the crazy provisions of not requiring proof of identification for mail-in voting, extending early voting to 15 days, and allowing voter registration on election day.

If Republicans use the filibuster rule to deny a vote on these provisions, Schumer has now threatened to use the Democrat one-vote majority to radically overturn the rule which protects the rights of the minority and pushes the Senate to bipartisan support for major policy changes.

For the sake of power and control, he has hypocritically cast aside his previous support of the filibuster when he led the Democrats as a minority party. In 2017, Schumer stated, “without the 60-vote threshold for legislation, the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution like the House…so let's find a way to further protect the 60-vote rule for legislation.”

The socialists in D.C. are leading a crusade to turn the country to Marxist-like ideas which would ruin our system of states’ rights and capitalism that has made America the most prosperous country in the history of mankind. Hopefully wiser heads in the Democrat party will not support Schumer’s brazen attempt to wrest power from the states and diminish our freedom from a wave of fraudulent elections.


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